North Irish District

The North Irish District comprises most of County Antrim and a little bit of the surrounding counties. Barbara McIlroy have recently joined the Faith Mission and part of their time will be spent in the Glens of Antrim.


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Prayer Diary

Prayer Diary



Tim & Emma Condy
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Glens Outreach

Our Work Involves:

We are looking forward to our 3 camps in July when in July when we are joined by other Faith Mission staff and volunteers.  We have about 100 children/young people booked; the Teens Camp is almost full but places remain at the other two.

Our programme  includes:
• Visiting sick, elderly, house-bound and bereaved
• Visitation of over 50 Prayer Unions (groups who pray specifically for the work of The Faith Mission)
• Meetings including Church Services, Mid-week Bible Studies, Ladies’ meetings, Senior Citizen’s Groups, services in Nursing Homes etc
• Children’s & youth events, school assemblies, and SU/CU groups
• Various conferences and rallies including the North Ulster Bible Weekend in May
• Mabel is responsible for the Bible teaching at Wellington GB each Monday night and is part of the team responsible for the Children's Meeting in Laymore FM Hall each Tuesday night.
• Mabel plans coffee mornings in Laymore FM Hall on the second Wednesday of each month (October – March)
• “The Anchor” Youth Rally, held monthly on the second Saturday in Ballymena FM Centre (October – June) with a time of prayer, preparation and outreach the previous evening.
• Andrew McIlroy leads the outreach in the Glens of Antrim
• Tim Foster assists with meetings, outreach and practical work


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