Edinburgh Convention



The vision behind Edinburgh Convention is threefold:
1. To bring gifted preachers and teachers to our city to open up the scriptures and preach it with joy and enthusiasm to encourage, refresh and inspire Christians from all over the country as they join us for one week and then return home to serve and glorify God;

2. To provide an opportunity for reverent, inspiring worship, which allows God’s people to exalt His name together in a way that is unique to a conference setting;

3. To create an environment of warm fellowship which transcends denominations, is grounded in the gospel, and enriches everyone who attends.

These three aims extend to every age group whether adult, teenager or child. Rejuvenate, our programme for late teens and early twenties, has steadily grown over the last few years. KidZone and TeenZone will have a dedicated team to help children learn and discover more about God through His Word in an exciting way.

This year’s keynote speakers are Christopher Ash and Jeremy McQuoid. Each of these men has a rich Bible ministry in their own setting, alongside speaking at key Christian events around the country, where their ministry is widely appreciated.
Both are committed to the task of preaching the Bible with clarity and relevance and we look forward with real anticipation to them joining us in Edinburgh

We trust the Lord for a great week and hope that you will be able to join us.

Robert Murdock

Edinburgh Convention 2018

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