Irish Border District
& Irish Headquarters

Jim & Hilda Lyons lead the work in the Irish Border District. They are assisted in the Headquarters' office by secretary, Mrs Hazel Pierce.

Jonny & Amy Lennox lead FM Transition.


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Prayer Diary

Prayer Diary




Jim & Hilda Lyons 
District & Irish Headquarters
131 Mahon Road,
BT62 3SF
028 3833 2806

Our Work Involves:

September - June...Quarterly visits to the Prayer Unions (interdenominational prayer groups), there are 38 in this District. For details of the one nearest to you, please contact us

Conferences and Rallies to encourage, build up, teach and challenge God’s own people. We have about forty of these annually, plus two Conventions.

  • Gospel Missions
  • Visiting those who are elderly or ‘shut-in’ for various reasons
  • Coffee Mornings
  • Hospital visitation
  • School assemblies
  • Regular children’s clubs
  • Services in Residential Homes and ‘Folds’
  • RE classes in school
  • Church services,
  • Mission Hall services,
  • Open Sunday Schools
  • Monthly meetings
  • Ladies Meetings

In the Summer...We are then joined by a number of students from the Bible College and we are involved in additional outreach including four weeks of Camp, catering for ages 8-20, and extensive outreach in Counties Cavan and Monaghan, with outdoor children’s clubs, door-to-door visiting and open-air evangelism.

FM Transition:

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FM Transition: Led by Jonny & Amy Lennox

Our Work involves::

• Media- We seek to reach as many young adults as possible by making social media work for us. Through this we can reach literally thousands of people who would not normally come into Gospel meetings with the good news of Jesus Christ.
• Meetings- We firmly believe in the power of preaching the Gospel, meeting together for fellowship and worship. We run events throughout the year and help Churches with their own events including but not limited to ‘Meetups’ (similar to prayer unions), youth rallies CU’s and Church youth fellowships.
• Mentorship- To sit with a young adult and help them through a struggle in their life is an honour for us to be able to do, and so this is another main part of our ministry. We meet people in a public place for an informal chat and to encourage them that they can transition through whatever they are facing, from illness to family changes to Uni life struggles.

We are based in Castledawson, N.Ireland but work throughout the North and South of Ireland wherever we are needed. Our vision is to see young adults transition through seasons of life well while holding onto their faith in Jesus Christ, or developing a relationship with Him for the first time.
We seek to Impact, Encourage & Inspire young adults in Ireland in their faith in Jesus Christ so that we can see the kingdom advance in years to come through them.



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Over 125 years of evangelism
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