Rejuvenate19  What is the Reuvenate Weekend?

For over ten years the Faith Mission have been running Rejuvenate which is an adventure activity holiday in Edinburgh for young people aged 16-25. It has been on our heart to do something similar in Suffolk at our Camp and Conference centre based in Earl Stonham. We warmly invite you to come to this weekend of fun, adventure, Bible teaching and hopefully some bacon!. Those who come will be sleeping in the 15 indoor rooms. Some of these rooms have bunkbeds and others haven't got that far yet... it is a work in progress! If you are not on a bunkbed you will at least have a mattress on the floor and it will be warm!

£35 Suggested Donation for accommodation and meals.

If you have any questions you can contact at


The activity for Saturday is to Thorpe Woodlands and costs £28. Have a look at There are three activities included in the price. Games in underground caves, a Tree Trekking course (similar to Go Ape) and a climbing session which concludes with the power-fan! "After a short free-fall a large fan kicks in and generates enough resistance to slow participants before landing."

Arrive and depart

The scheduled arrival time on Friday 15 is 7.30pm and we hope to finish up and leave site about 3.00pm

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